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Amanpour is CNN International's flagship global affairs interview program hosted by Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour.

Christiane Amanpour
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai Amanpour
A grim milestone in Afghanistan this week as the country marks a thousand days since girls were banned from attending secondary school. This as the Taliban continue to tighten their grip on the country, despite promising moderation after taking power in August 2021. It's a reality Malala Yousafzai calls “gender apartheid” - a term she calls on world leaders to recognize as a crime against humanity. Malala of course is a survivor of that violence against girls, shot by the Pakistani Taliban on he...Show morer way home from school when she was just 15. She has since become the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize winner, and a fierce advocate for the rights of girls and women around the world. Bianna discusses with Malala her foundation’s announcement today of another $1.5 million to keep girls’ education alive in Afghanistan.  Also on today's show: Ofir Amir, survivor of October 7th; A.J. Jacobs, author, “The Year of Living Constitutionally”
Jun 14, 2024
What's Happening at the G7? Amanpour
G7 world leaders gathering in Italy today have agreed to loan Kyiv some 50 billion dollars backed by the profits from Russia's frozen investments. Political scientist and former advisor to the EU's foreign policy chief, Nathalie Tocci joins the show from Rome and Senior International Correspondent for the French channel BFMTV, Thierry Arnaud joins the show from Paris.   Also on today's show: actor Julia Louis-Dreyfus, journalist Nicholas Kristof.
Jun 13, 2024
The Heat is On Amanpour
Last month was the hottest May ever, marking the 12th consecutive month that records were broken. In a major new cover article for The Atlantic, journalist George Packer spent months reporting from Phoenix, Arizona exploring the quixotic growth fueling urban expansion, even as the water runs dry and the heat kills hundreds. Packer joins the program along with climate expert Leah Stokes.  Also on today's show: Asif Kapadia and Joe Sabia, co-directors of "Federer: Twelve Final Days"; Leah Rigueur, Associate Professor of History, Johns Hopkins University
Jun 12, 2024
UN Calls For Ceasefire, But Will Israel And Hamas Approve? Amanpour
For the first time in more than eight months of war, the United Nations Security Council has passed a resolution calling for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza. The security council says Israel has accepted the proposal, and US officials are now pressuring Hamas to do the same. But, there are few signs of concrete commitment to ending the war. Joining the show to discuss are Daniel Kurtzer, former US ambassador to Israel and Egypt, and Audrey Kurth Cronin, author of "How Terrorism Ends."  Also on today's show: Harvard law professor Noah Feldman; New York Times reporter Sheera Frenkel
Jun 11, 2024
What to make of the European Parliamentary Elections Amanpour
One of the biggest exercises in democracy this year is filling 720 seats from 27 countries in the European Parliamentary elections. As results continue to flood in, a split-screen image is emerging. Establishment parties did well in many countries and EU Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen's centrist European People's party will remain the largest group. But in France, Marine Le Pen and her far-right allies won twice as many seats as centrist President Emmanuel Macron's party. Italy's form...Show moreer Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, whose centre-left party failed to win any seats, joins the show from Rome, and journalist and author Christine Ockrent joins the show from Paris.   Also on today's show: Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni; author Ernesto Londoño
Jun 10, 2024
D-Day, 80 Years of Defending Independence Amanpour
This week we mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, a turning point in history, and a triumph of democracy over tyranny. Today, with war raging again in Europe, its legacy is more important than ever. We start the show with actor Tom Hanks, who has been pivotal in bringing Second World War stories to life. Christiane asks Hanks about the legacy of the Greatest Generation, and why it is so important to remember the price of freedom.
Jun 8, 2024
Biden, Amanpour in France Amanpour
President Joe Biden spoke today from Pointe De Hoc in France, where 80 years ago, 225 US rangers faced withering gunfire to claim a small patch of territory that became a crucial step in reclaiming Europe from the Nazis. In Paris, Biden met with Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky and apologized for delaying a critical aid package which was help up by Republicans in congress. Christiane Amanpour joins the show from Paris, where she has been reporting from the D-Day commemorations.  Also on today's show: Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. CQ Brown; Sudanese researcher Kholood Khair & New York Times correspondent Declan Walsh; Arizon Secretary of State Adrian Fontes
Jun 7, 2024
Remembering D-Day 80 Years Later Amanpour
On June 6th 1944, the allied forces landed on the Omaha Beach in Normandy, breaking through the Nazi’s Atlantic wall. At huge cost they turned the tide of World War II and began the liberation of Europe: a moment of time forever immortalised as D-Day. US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron led the 80th anniversary commemorations in Normandy today and stood beside those world leaders were soldiers past and present – including members of that greatest generation who fought on ...Show morethe beaches all those years ago. Christiane is joined in Normandy by NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, General Christopher Cavoli.  Also on today's show: D-Day veteran Jake Larson; actor/filmmaker Tom Hanks; sculptor Anilore Banon
Jun 6, 2024
Biden's Controversial Border Ban Amanpour
Joe Biden's controversial executive action on migrants who cross the southern border illegally came into effect overnight. Biden says he was left with "no choice," blaming Republicans for blocking a bipartisan border deal. It's a huge shift for the democratic party, who for years criticized President Trump's policy on immigration. Andrea Flores was a former adviser to President Obama and President Biden on immigration policy and she joined the program from Washington.  Also on today's show: Correspondent Melissa Bell; "The Cranes Call" Director Laura Warner & Exec Producer Evan Williams; Debbie Walsh, Director, Center for American Woman and Politics
Jun 5, 2024
Ceasefire Hopes Dwindling Amanpour
In Israel, any hopes for a ceasefire deal appear to be dwindling. President Biden announced on Friday that the latest ceasefire plan had come from Israel, and was welcomed by Hamas – and yet, Netanyahu is vowing to continue the war until Hamas is destroyed. All of this is creating an understandable air of confusion. Meanwhile on the ground in Gaza, the death toll has surpassed 36,400 and the situation for those held captive worsens. To unpack all of this, Haaretz columnist and Netanyahu biographer Anshel Pfeffer joins the show from Jerusalem.  Also on today's show: Washington Post columnist Barkha Dutt; correspondent Gustavo Valdes; author R. Derek Black
Jun 4, 2024
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