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Chasing Life

Is there a science to being happy? Does our brain chemistry, or even our genetics, determine how we feel about our lives? Can we learn to become even happier? While happiness may look different for everyone, and can at times feel impossible to achieve, we know it’s an emotion that can be crucial to both your physical and mental health. So in this season of Chasing Life, Dr. Sanjay Gupta is setting out to better understand happiness and what the science tells us about the best ways to achieve it.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Want to be Happier? Confidence Can Help Chasing Life
Trying new things. Setting Goals. Rebounding from setbacks.  All of these tasks have at least one thing in common – they require confidence. And according to neuropsychologist Ian Robertson, confidence can also make us happier. Robertson is the T Boone Pickens Distinguished Chair at the Center for BrainHealth, UT Dallas, an Emeritus Professor at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and author of How Confidence Works: The New Science of Self Belief. He and Dr. Sanjay Gupta discuss how confidence might be the most important resource for well-being and why imposter syndrome isn’t such a bad thing.
Jul 9, 2024
Your Trauma May Be Making You Sick Chasing Life
Have you ever wondered if stress and trauma from your past could be making you sick? Author and trauma expert Dr. Gabor Maté, says our past experiences may literally be the root cause of “trauma related illness,” something he writes about in his most recent book, “The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture.” Drawing on his experience as both a Holocaust survivor, and a physician, Mate sits down with Dr. Sanjay Gupta for an intimate and wide-ranging conversation to share his steps for healing and living happier lives.
Jul 2, 2024
How Exercise Can Make Us Happier Chasing Life
When it comes to finding joy and happiness, exercise is not always top of mind but maybe it should be. Exercise benefits our physical health as well as helps to reduce anxiety, stress and symptoms of depression, yet many Americans say exercise is not something they enjoy. So where’s the disconnect? And how can people consistently reap the “feel good” benefits of exercise? Health psychologist and author of The Joy of Movement: How Exercise Helps Us Find Happiness, Hope, Connection and Courage, Ke...Show morelly McGonigal talks with Sanjay about the why moving your body can be a source of joy and hope. And for listeners who say they don’t enjoy exercise or have limited mobility, she has some tips that might turn things around.
Jun 25, 2024
A Conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci Chasing Life
Dr. Anthony Fauci became a household name during the COVID-19 pandemic as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. But the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t the first public health crisis Dr. Fauci helped Americans navigate, or the first time he’s come under fire. Dr. Fauci sits down for an interview with CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta to discuss his life and new memoir "On Call: A Doctor’s Journey in Public Service."
Jun 18, 2024
Are We Prepared for Bird Flu? Chasing Life
An update on the current bird flu outbreak: it’s still infecting wild birds, mammals and now several farmworkers in the United States. The virus does not appear to be transmitted between humans, but can we prevent further spread? And what are public health officials doing to contain it? Immunologist and virologist Rick Bright has been studying the bird flu for decades and tells Dr. Sanjay Gupta why he thinks more action is needed and who he thinks should be leading the charge.
Jun 11, 2024
Should Everyone Consider Therapy to Be Happier? Chasing Life
With the surge in telemedicine, therapy has seen a remarkable rise in popularity. But could therapy hold the key to a happier life? And should everyone go to therapy? Sanjay speaks with psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb, acclaimed author of "Maybe You Should Talk to Someone," and co-host of the Dear Therapists podcast, about how therapy can actually change your brain and get you one step closer to achieving happiness. Plus, Lori sheds light on the surprising ways therapy can reshape your perspective, especially for those who are therapy-curious.
Jun 4, 2024
Can Anxiety Be A Good Thing? Chasing Life
Do you spend time worrying about what could go wrong in the future, or stressing about something you did or said in the past? That nagging feeling has a name: anxiety. But what if worrying about preventing anxiety is actually getting in the way of our happiness? New York University neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki is on a mission to help more people accept, and even embrace, what she calls “the most misunderstood emotion.” In this episode, we’ll explore an unexpected solution to happiness: embracing ...Show morestress and how accepting “good” anxiety can help us feel happier and more at ease with uncomfortable feelings. Plus, Professor Suzuki explains why our society’s obsession with avoiding anxiety and negative emotions may be doing more harm than good.
May 28, 2024
Is There A Science To Happiness? Chasing Life
Have you ever wondered: What does it mean to be truly happy? Can our brain chemistry, or even our genetics, determine how we feel about our lives? And, most importantly, can we learn to be even happier? Cognitive scientist and Yale University Psychology Professor Laurie Santos has spent her career researching these questions. As the host of The Happiness Lab, Laurie has gone on her own journey to discover what it truly means to be happy. On today’s podcast episode, Professor Santos will share her findings and how she says we can re-train our brains to make better choices, build better habits, and ultimately, be happier.
May 21, 2024
The Benefits of Gratitude Chasing Life
It turns out a simple “thank you” really can go a long way. In fact, giving thanks doesn’t just make others feel good – it can also boost your own mental and physical well-being. Dr. Sanjay Gupta hears how gratitude helped one woman navigate a life-changing medical diagnosis. Plus, how you can implement a gratitude practice into your daily life. This episode originally aired on May 17, 2022.
May 14, 2024
How Worried Should You Be About Ultraprocessed Foods? Chasing Life
We've all heard of processed foods, but what about ultraprocessed foods, which make up more than half of the typical American diet? In this special Chasing Life: Spotlight, CNN Medical Correspondent Meg Tirrell explores how these foods became so widespread and the potential risks they pose to our health. She speaks with Professor Marion Nestle, a leading authority on nutrition and food policy and NIH senior investigator Kevin Hall, who conducted the first and only controlled clinical trial on ultraprocessed foods. Hear about the study's remarkable findings; it may change some of the choices you make in the grocery store.
May 7, 2024
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