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We can all agree on one thing: there’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep. But sleeping doesn’t necessarily come easy to everyone. And waking up can be even harder. Fortunately, Loftie has created a few products to make the entire sleeping process easier and more successful.

And even better — with the brand’s Cyber Monday sale, all products are 25% off. This means you can sleep even easier knowing you got a good deal.

The Loftie Lamp is design to help you wind-down easier, wake up naturally and ultimately have a better sleep routine. And with curated colors, you can match the light color based on your room tones or even your mood.

The Loftie Clock will help you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning without a screen in your hand. With white noise, mediations and a two-phase alarm, you'll be on your way to a significantly better sleep routine.