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When Diana Met…

When Diana Met… takes listeners inside Princess Diana’s most notable meetings with public figures, politicians, dignitaries, and celebrities to reveal often-overlooked truths and misunderstandings about her life as Princess of Wales. Host Aminatou Sow examines those iconic and memorable connections and what they teach us about power, gender, and control.

Diana, Princess of Wales

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Hair Stylist, Sam McKnight
When Diana Met…
Dec 8, 2021

When Princess Diana posed for a Vogue portrait in 1990, she shocked the world with a seemingly cropped head of hair. Turns out she loved the look so much, she contacted the stylist behind the shoot and had him cut her locks for real. This man is Sam McKnight, he’s responsible for several iconic celebrity dos. In addition to being Diana’s primary hair stylist, Sam became a close friend and confidant. In this episode, we hear about her trend-setting cut and his favorite memories of their time together.

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